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    Producing unique, quality products, not found anywhere else, and packaged with love and care would mean our customers would receive something special or give a unique gift to a friend.

    We are proud to provide locally manufactured and printed garments, adding to the quality we believe in.

    Although we are a small company, we have big dreams and are excited to expand and bring you even more great products in the near future.


    We use Pargo, a 3 Step delivery system with a very competitive flat rate courier fee. Pargo understands that parcel delivery is about convenience, speed and reliability. You’ll never have to wait at home all day for your parcel or miss a delivery again. With numerous and expanding parcel points across the country, Pargo delivers your parcels to a store near you.

    1. Choose your preferred Pargo parcel point when checking out.
    2. Delivery will be done to your chosen Pargo parcel point.
    3. You will receive an email or sms notification when your parcel arrives at the Pargo parcel point. Collect when it suits you best!